Apporter les réponses stratégiques nécessaires pour identifier et mesurer le potentiel des nouveaux marchés et des technologies innovantes

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Applications and Markets

Bringing you the strategic responses necessary to identify and measure the potential of new markets and innovative technology

BLOOMOON accompanies you in the decision-making process by evaluating business opportunities and optimal technologies in order to orientate your innovation projects towards performance.

Our on-the-ground approach by way of direct contact and workshops, combined with our expertise in technical and economic databases, allows us to bring you targeted contacts to help you engage in promising markets and new technologies.

Based on our experience with a wide range of technologies (biotechnology, bio-based chemistry, alternative energies, computer technology, composite materials, nanotechnology, information and communications technology, etc.), we have expertise in the entire value chain and the organisation of stakeholders of a given technology.

Our offer

  • Strategic marketing

    • Market research

    • Competitor analysis

  • Identification of new markets

    • Economic and financial studies

    • Sector-based structure

    • Due diligence in innovative projects

  • Commercialisation

    • Profitability studies (costing, pricing)

    • Development of a business plan