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The service proposed by BLOOMOON allowed our research centre to consider the contents and contribution of our research in a new light, from the initial study conception to its application.
In close cooperation with our heads of R&D, BLOOMOON developed highly structured research topics that included the vast majority of our studies and projects. This allowed us to expand the research expenditure eligible for the research tax credit (CIR) quite considerably. This approach is also rewarding for researchers, as it emphasises how their research contributes to the great scientific and technical challenges of our profession and demonstrates the advances in each domain.
We immensely appreciated the confidence-based relationship with the consultants and their strong engagement, as they were very involved and present (analysing large quantities of data, jointly developing the structuring themes with the heads of research, adapting the processes to be implemented, etc.) both on site and with the teams (explaining expectations, gathering information based on interviews). They were also reactive to any issue.
During the next phrase, in close collaboration with BLOOMOON, we will perfect the new processes relating this innovative and rewarding approach to research studies

Bruno F., Financial auditor, Construction industry

I found that BLOOMOON’s in-depth understanding of our sector and extensive analysis of more than 60 different types of expertise relating to our R&D activity were particularly successful, and that the resulting report was precise and exhaustive, all the while being pleasant to read and carefully prepared. Well done to the BLOOMOON team!

Mr Eric PERRIER, Director of the research centre, LVMH RESEARCH, Cosmetics industry

BLOOMOON’s methodology for technological creativity allowed us to fuel the innovation pipeline with around 30 innovative concepts.
Moreover, the more breakthrough concepts – in perfect alignment with our long-term strategy – were generated technically and evaluated in advance.

Ms F, Applied researcher in a make-up laboratory, Cosmetics company

BLOOMOON’s experimental work and scientific understanding help our group better grasp the difficulties linked to the synthesis of nano-objects. Furthermore, significant advances were made thanks to BLOOMOON’s expertise and work, which allowed us to expand the synthesis pathways developed.

Mr L, Director of research for electronic products, Chemical company

The study undertaken by BLOOMOON helped identify existing technologies for cleaning or preventing dust deposits that can easily be transferred to the company, as well as potential solutions at the research or development stage that need to be followed up.

Mr L, R&D coordinator, Glass company

The work provided by BLOOMOON was very positive and complemented our view of the subject. Two main outcomes emerged from this monitoring:

  • Firstly, the identification of a university-based research group that we had previously noted without appreciating the importance of their research;
  • Secondly, the discovery of significant activity in China even if it is disorganised”.

Mr B, Materials expert and head of the special materials segment, Management for materials procedures