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Innovation Strategy and Management

Providing impetus and contributing tools for effective innovation.

BLOOMOON helps you implement your innovation projects and create change using proprietary tools and adapted methodologies. We give you processes and tools through our examples or accompaniment, and we create teams around six main innovation themes.

Our approach is operational: it occurs alongside the client so that he takes ownership of it and adapts it to his company by means of workshops, operational support, and training.

Our offer

  • Innovation planning and strategies

    • Implementation and facilitation of a forward-looking approach

    • Identification of axes for the creation of markets and growth

    • Expansion of strategies into organisational roadmaps (product roadmap, technology roadmap)

  • Innovation management

    • Analysis of organisations, skill profiles, know-how, and innovation cultures

    • Implementation of innovation dynamics

    • Training and operational support

  • Creativity

    • Innovation Lab, internal or external creative workshops (Design Hot House)

    • Design thinking and technological creativity (TRIZ laws of evolution, biomimetics, etc.)

    • Prototyping and test

  • Ecosystem start-ups

    • Market analysis

    • Linking organisations and connecting start-ups and large companies

    • Technological transposition, short-, medium-, and long-term synergies