Fournir toutes les ressources nécessaires à votre démarche d’innovation technologique

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Providing you with all of the resources necessary for technological innovation

BLOOMOON accompanies you with a global, broad-based, and open approach. From technological monitoring to the conception of an operational R&D programme, not to mention the recruitment and training of scientific and technical staff, we bring you the information, technological, and human resources needed for the realisation of your project.

We intervene in multiple domains: chemistry, materials, cosmetics, transportation, textiles, defence, and more. And we have at our disposal a network of industry professionals, scientific experts, and internationally recognised laboratories.

Our offer

  • Strategic monitoring

    • Operational monitoring: technological, competitor, regulatory, patents, etc.

    • Scientific and technological state of the art

  • Operational R&D

    • R&D studies

    • Product characterisation

    • Conception and development of research programmes to adjust or improve products or functions

  • Technological creativity

    • Generating new technological ideas and associated solutions by providing multidisciplinary, analogical, and biomimetic expertise

  • Technological consulting

    • Identification and positioning of technological solutions in response to a given problem

    • Ranking of solutions following the client specification

  • Technological analysis

    • Study of the attractiveness and competitivity of innovations

    • Support in the selection of innovations